Jun 1, 2016
One Month

It's been one month with Eric. We found each other through the famed E-harmony, and were a bit skeptical of online dating at first, but have been pleasantly surprised at our success so far. No relationship comes easy, however. Both Christians with very much the same personal beliefs and close to the same growth in our relationship with God, we have been able to talk out a lot of things that perhaps others wouldn't have. I'm about a year older than him, and yet he has surprised me with the amount of personal growth he has. We think almost exactly alike. We've had our share of mistakes and history. Neither one of us can boast of never having had a relationship that was chaste in the past. He knows about Amelia, and he accepts me just the way I am. I know about his ex-girlfriends and how he thought he had a daughter before, but ended up it was someone else's child who his girl cheated with, and I accept him. He's been supportive of me from day one. He never had to be that kind or accepting. He's also shown me love in ways that nobody else had - just simple chivalry and respectful manners. He's not everything I ever wanted; he's just the best that I've ever had so far. I'm probably the same to him; I don't think he ever thought he would end up with an Asian girl who came all the way from Hawaii and California. Do we love each other? I know he's crazy about me. We both have shown each other affection and share with each other how we feel about each other, but neither of us are quite ready to say the 3 words that we both know mean a lot. I think we are both a little bit afraid that things will turn ugly after 3 months, because we'll be more comfortable with each other and just show a lot more of ourselves that we didn't show in the first month. I have already seen a little bit of our flaws already, but there is one thing that I can say so far: I like who I am around him. I am not ashamed to be with him, to let my family meet him, or to have him meet my friends. Yes, it's been hard with getting past the introductions to everyone just because neither of us want to admit we used e-harmony. We don't like to lie, but we've just been saying that we met each other through a friend. It's hard to tell how far that story will go...that "friend" doesn't really exist unless I really open up about friends just referring me to e-harmony, but anyways, I don't want this all about that site. Eric will hopefully be meeting my family this weekend. It's also the weekend that Amelia turns 9 years old. I don't plan to think about Amelia...that's for another blog. I have some thoughts that I want to deal with regarding my new relationship, and I hope that I get past all the anxiety and fears for the better.

Posted at 12:13 pm by Opal Rose
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